OSW Supply Chain Map

Map Instructions:

Zoom in & out

+/- symbol in the bottom left corner to zoom in and out, click and drag the map to move. Mobile and tablet users pinch and zoom on the screen. Each marker represents a specific layer of industry, tap on the graduation cap for colleges and institutions. 


Use the menu  ( top left corner ) to filter  company types such as manufacturing, vessels, and offshore operations. Click on the “check mar” to remove layers from view.

Full View

You can also tap the “full screen icon” in the top right to for a larger view in google maps. Interactivity remains the same, but with an enhanced in-app view. 

NYSERDA OSW Supply Chain

About Offshore Wind

If you haven’t yet, we highly recommend you read through NYSERDA’s about Offshore Wind page for a great preliminary introduction.

Here are helpful resources from NYSERDA