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We are a central hub, connecting communities and stakeholders to essential information in the North Eastern Offshore Wind Projects.

What do we do exactly?

We advocate for Offshore Wind Supply Chain expansion

Rallying a Supply Chain

OSW Supply Chain is a non-profit organization with a mission to help structure the world’s largest offshore wind supply chain here in the United States.

Forging a Network

 Whether you are new to offshore wind, a small business, corporation, student, or local community member, OSW Supply Chain can find an opportunity for you! 

How do we help you?

We engage trusted resources and tools to guide you through the many supply chain pathways.

Supply Chain Calls

We host free (quarterly) virtual webinars featuring project developers and innovative supply chain businesses. Getting involved and introduced starts here. We encourage attendees to take advantage of networking opportunities our calls present.  Sign up for our newsletter to be invited to our next call.

The Archive

Our article archive spotlights the United States offshore wind supply chain. Structured to house the latest news articles, case studies, tips, and access to trusted resources. We keep you in the know!


We are eager to have companies register to our database. Registration is free for companies and individuals. Company’s who register get a free spot on our Offshore Wind Supply Chain Map.

Meet our industry partners

Damian Bednarz, Managing Director

“We are excited to support OSW Supply Chain and its early leadership to provide local businesses and entrepreneurs with the resources and tools to build a uniquely American offshore wind industry.”

Grant van Wyngaarden, Deputy Head of Procurement, North America, Orsted

“The Offshore Wind Supply Chain is poised to be a valuable resource in forging the connections and information sharing necessary to make this vision a reality.”

Kenneth Bowes, Vice President of Siting and Permitting for Offshore Wind, Eversource

“Eversource is proud to be a founding supporter of the Offshore Wind Supply Chain, a service and forum that will help New York capture the tremendous economic benefits this emerging industry can provide.”


We are a networking platform!

We encourage our visitors to reach out to us, we are committed to understanding and assisting you.

We're a non profit.

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